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The primary goal of the Studio PAVAS Music Program is to instill in students the fundamentals of music, the feeling of time, rhythm, and listening skills. While technical, sight-reading and all other abilities on a chosen instrument are important, understanding rhythm and acquiring a musical ear are primary in establishing a strong foundation. Additionally, these fundamentals are the building blocks of musical creativity. Private and semi-private lessons and group classes will be taught in a fun and relaxed setting. After learning the basics of reading and technique, students may wish to explore a variety of styles (Modern, Jazz, Pop, or Classical) or stream into a single area. Royal Conservatory of Music exam preparation can also be accommodated.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Weekly half hour to one hour lessons are available for Singing, Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Woodwinds, Brass, and Strings. Private and semi-private music lessons for all instruments will consist of listening to music; technique and sight-reading; repertoire; and encouragement of creativity and self-expression.

Choir and Musical Ensemble Groups, Rock and Jazz Bands (Any Instruments)

By audition or recommendation from an instructor

Individuals of all ages, playing a variety of instruments, will enjoy a wide range of opportunities to work in an ensemble atmosphere in the areas of singing (choir or chorus) or instrumental (orchestra, band, duets, trios). Music studied can range from classical to jazz, rock and show music. The emphasis is placed on developing musical team building skills, technique, and fun. There are exciting opportunities to combine ensembles for a concert presentation. Let Studio PAVAS or your teacher know if you are interested in auditioning for this program.

Jazz Improvisation (Any Instruments)

Through three levels of development, students will gain improvisation skills on their chosen instrument. Beginning at the first level with understanding the theory of Jazz and its applications to 12 bar blues and basic rhythm change exercises. At the intermediate level, students will apply their knowledge of basic improvisation to popular standards, for example: Ellington and Evans. At the advanced level, students will benefit from transcribing difficult solos as well as improvisation in the style of Brubeck and Peterson.

Theory, Harmony and Composition

Theory music lessons will help students understand "how" music works. The purpose of music theory classes is to teach students why music sounds the way it does and how it is built. Acquiring knowledge of these principles, lays the foundation and enables music students to learn new techniques, develop confidence to perform unfamiliar styles, and even write their own music. Royal Conservatory of Music exam preparation can also be accommodated.

The students will learn musical notation and how to sight-read, know what notes to play in a given key, gain a greater understanding of rhythm, beat, tempo and note values, as well as time signatures and musical staffs. While studying harmony, the following topics will be covered: harmonic and melodic intervals, key signatures and the circle of fifths, major and minor scales, as well as, building chords. Composition will give students a thorough understanding of the different elements of form and genre, melody, and the various classical and popular forms.

Recording Studio

Studio PAVAS software based recording studio is available to music students to record their own professional demo CDs for auditions and for learning. Let Studio PAVAS or your teacher know if you are interested in scheduling a 1 to 3 hour recording session. Visit the recording studio page for more information.

Musical Theatre

Students get to express themselves through acting, movement, and music. The curriculum of the Musical Theatre classes is balanced to enable students to equally hone their skills in all three disciplines required for Musical Theatre performances; drama, dance and singing. These classes are fun, highly creative and full of exciting exercises where students will learn how to integrate these disciplines by working on a variety of songs, scenes, dances and monologues from both traditional and contemporary musical theatre repertoire.

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