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Personal Fitness Training (Private and Semi-Private)

The benefits you will experience from investing in your own personal health and wellness go beyond the exercises and physical transformation you will experience. You will discover a new sense of confidence and accomplishment, as well as increase your knowledge about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Studio PAVAS has a well equipped gym for private personal fitness training. The studio's certified personal trainer will first have a consultation with you to assess your starting fitness level, review your goals, and develop a personalized program for you to reach your goals and develop a maintenance program for long lasting results.


You will increase cardio, muscle tone, strength, and endurance. You will workout with: Kettle bells, ladders, gliders, tubing, hand weights and body weight exercises. Each week will be a different workout to challenge you to look great and feel even better.

Dance Fitness

The Dance Fitness classes are a fusion of Latin Rhythms and easy moves from a variety of dance styles to create a dynamic fitness program that you will love ! One exhilarating hour of calorie burning, body energizing, awe inspiring movements to engage and captivate. You will dance, feel energized all while having a good time ! Everyone is welcome, men and women, no experience needed. You don't even need rhythm ... we'll bring that out of you. Join in on the fun and feel great.

Stretch and Abs

Stetching all parts of your body - and working your core through the class. Great class for those who wish to work their core and stretch those tight muscles. You will leave feeling stronger and looser.

Conditioning for Dancers

The conditioning for dancers classes are designed as a complimentary class to their dance training. These classes focus on developing greater overall body strength, increase muscle tone and attain greater flexibility. This additional focus has many benefits for the developing dancer, from improving posture, honing on their ability to perform various techniques and avoid injuries. The cardio portion of the class will improve the heart conditioning, endurance and tolerance in dancers to assist them during performances.


This high intensity quick interval workout will boost your heart rate and challenge your muscles. Which is the quickest way to weight loss and gaining lean muscle tissue. Class structure: 5 minutes warmup, 30 minutes of interval training (consists of: jumping jacks, weightless skipping ropes, gliders, bender ball, hand weights, etc.), 10 minutes cool down/stretch.

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ballet student in ballet class

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